Public Scholarship

Unpacking Anger in Spanish Far-Right Discourse: An Analysis of Vox’s Tweets

Illiberalism Studies Program Blog, The George Washington University

June 1, 2022

This research explores the presence of anger-inducing discourse in the Spanish far-right party Vox’s tweets. Vox is more likely to express anger than other prominent Spanish parties and frequently directs its harshest criticisms against elites and alleged threats to the unity of the Spanish nation.

Why the Spanish Far Right Wants to Re-Centralize the State

Illiberalism Studies Program Blog, The George Washington University

May 26, 2022

This research examines arguments for the re-centralization of the Spanish state made by the far-right party Vox. The findings reveal Vox’s concern with the territorial configuration of the state is deeply intertwined with its nationalism and illiberalism.

Ranked-Choice Voting, Runoff, and Democracy: Insights from Maine and Other U.S. States

Electoral Reform Research Group, New America

February 11, 2021

This research takes advantage of the recent implementation of ranked-choice voting (RCV) in Maine to compare three alternative electoral rules—RCV, runoff, and plurality—at the federal level. The results suggest advantages for runoff versus RCV and challenges in the implementation of RCV—but challenges that can be addressed through greater familiarity and understanding of the new rule.