Why do citizens support parties outside of the democratic mainstream? How do anti-immigrant parties construct the threats allegedly posed by migrants? How has rising xenophobia influenced political behavior among citizens in Western democracies? In my research, I investigate the intersection of political values, migration, and democracyseeking to understand how the shifting political landscape across the West is impacting voters and parties.

My current research interests include:

  • Citizens’ political values and support for anti-establishment parties
  • Varieties of anti-immigrant rhetoric and their impacts
  • Xenophobic sentiment and public political behavior
  • Politics of modern Spain

My current working papers include:

  • “The Citizens’ Cordon Sanitaire: Political Values and Individual Support for the Alternative for Germany.”
  • “Continental Shift? Explaining the Anti-Immigrant Right in Spain.”
  • “Constructing the Migrant Threat in France: Xenophobic Frames and Identity Ascription.”